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My Retirement Education Center classes to learn about retirement planning, small group and workships availableMy Retirement Education Center offers classes for people of all ages and all financial backgrounds to learn about the basics of retirement planning so they can move forward with confidence and peace of mind. Below is a listing of our current class offerings for people close to retirement, those in the early to mid-stages of retirement planning and companies looking to offer employees retirement education sessions.

Click on the class name to learn more about its curriculum, available times and fees. You can also register online or contact us for help determining which class is right for you.

For people close to retirement

  • Retirement Horizons Class: An in-depth class giving people a clear understanding of the framework of a retirement plan, the process involved in creating a plan, an understanding of how and when to prioritize goals, and the products commonly used to fund retirement. Additionally, this class will help people decide what they want to do themselves and what they want to hire a professional to do for them, as well as expectations for the selection and cost of those professionals.
  • Retirement Income Planning Workshop: An intimate workshop especially beneficial for people who have already taken the Retirement Horizons Class and want to take that knowledge to the next level. Participants develop their own retirement income plan with help from onsite resources and expertise.
  • Optimizing Social Security Class: This small group class helps participants understand when and how to elect Social Security benefits based on certain situations.

For people in early to mid-stages of retirement planning

  • Retirement Prep for Young Professionals Class: This class is designed specifically for people just learning about 401Ks and making early retirement planning decisions. Participants will learn about what they should know now to prepare for retirement later in life, such as asset allocation, how much is enough, prioritizing your choices, when and how to save for retirement, and tax advantages.
  • How to Optimize Your Employer Retirement Options Workshop: This workshop is suited for any age and will help participants evaluate employer retirement options and choose the best fit for them, including analyzing investment choices, learning to understand the relationship between risk and reward, and allocating investments based on limited choices in the employer plan.
  • Reevaluating Retirement Planning Class: This class is designed to assist people experiencing life changes that should be taken into account for retirement planning, such as those with teen to adult children, a recently deceased spouse, a modified income level, and more.

Corporate Classes

  • Employer Lunch-and-Learns: My Retirement Education Center faculty can work with companies to develop and conduct custom one-hour lunch sessions for those organizations interested in offering their employees personal retirement planning classes, such as:

Retirement 101 – all ages
How to optimize employer retirement options
Close to retirement prep
Young professional retirement prep
Maximizing your limited investment choices
Choosing the right allocation
Risk verses reward
How to get your money out
Building your dream
What you need to know before you go


You can see available class times and register online by visiting our calendar.

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