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Social Security is one of the most important decisions people will make in retirement. Unfortunately there are not many reliable sources for education. Most are tied to selling a product or gathering assets. This is where we are different. We only teach about retirement and specialize in Social Security education. My Retirement Education Center’s Optimizing Social Security Classes allow employers to provide extra benefits to their employees at a substantial discount, supplementing existing retirement saving benefits with an educational and affordable resource for individuals to better understand retirement income planning. The challenge with Social Security has always been how to get the most out of the benefits available. According to the Social Security administration, 45% of people elect the minimum benefit while only 1 to 2% elect the maximum benefit. And this is further reduced by failure to optimize spousal benefits in income planning. Since Social Security accounts on average for 41% of people’s retirement income, if someone does not optimize their options, it can be a difference of more than $100,000 in cumulative benefits to a couple.

My Retirement Education Center offers three ways to provide education for your employees.

In Person Class

In this live class we provide a 45 minute to one-hour class that provides each participant with an understanding of how Social Security works. We can also provide a concrete analysis of their personal Social Security benefits.

This customized report includes:

  • An analysis of 100 percent of options available to an individual or couple
  • A calculation of the maximum potential benefit
  • A breakdown of the differences in electing benefits at age 62, 65 or 70
  • A timeline showing the break-even point with electing the optimal benefit, so the individual or couple can evaluate if they think they will live longer than that based on health history
  • The dates to file as well as all of the correct forms

The class does not, however, tell people when to start Social Security. It provides the facts so they can make an educated decision. By using this report, they can plan the rest of their retirement knowing you helped them maximize their Social Security benefits.

The cost of this class is $300 plus travel costs

There is also a $25 cost for any participant that wants the customized analysis.

You host the class at a location you provide.

On Demand Classes

We will set up a site where your employees can take the class at a time that is convenient to them. This option customizes the presentation based on filing status. (Single, Married, Divorced, Widowed) We set up your site for free and you can decide who pays for the class. Regardless of who pays for the class it is 50% less than our regular online class.

The cost for On Demand Classes is $35 and includes the analysis.

Personal Consultation

We can provide one on one education on an hourly basis for those that either have a complex situation or just want the personal attention.

We charge $150 an hour for personal consultations.

Value Added Service

In addition to the above education we want to be a resource for you to answer questions about Social Security. We do not charge to help you understand the complexities of Social Security. This area gives you the resources you need to help your employees make wise decisions.
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