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My Retirement Education Center aims to solidify and supplement the relationship between financial professionals and their clients by providing added value in estimating Social Security. We do this without selling any products and by working with financial professionals to provide their clients with both education on Social Security and an analysis of how to optimize their benefits.

One way to look at what we provide is to think of it as outsourcing the education on Social Security 

The challenge with Social Security has always been how to get the most out of the benefits available. Cited by an article on Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch and according to the Economic Policy Institute, 52% of people do not know how to optimize their Social Security benefits. Even more alarming, 61% have not discussed their Social Security decision with anyone.

My Retirement Education Center is now offering private classes for financial advisors and brokers to offer their clients.












The one-hour class provides each participant a concrete analysis of their personal Social Security benefits. This customized report includes:

  • An analysis of 100 percent of options available to an individual or couple
  • A calculation of the maximum potential benefit
  • A breakdown of the differences in electing benefits at age 62, 65 or 70
  • A timeline showing the breakeven point with electing the optimal benefit, so the individual or couple can evaluate if they think they will live longer than that based on health history
  • The dates to file as well as all of the correct forms

The class does not tell people when to start Social Security, but gives the facts so that, with you, they can make an educated decision.


The below links lead to documents that will further your understanding of how we work with you and your clients. First is the questionnaire every class participant should fill out, ideally before attending. This questionnaire allows us to complete the custom personalized analysis on their Social Security options. Second, is a sample of a final analysis every class participant receives.

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To learn more or ask questions, contact us now.

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