Optimizing Social Security

Few decisions impact retirement like Social Security. With the current economy more people are opting to start Social Security at age 62. However, this isn’t always the best strategy. With people living longer and volatility in the stock market, it is more important than ever to consider all facts before deciding when to start taking Social Security – which will impact income for the rest of a person’s life as well as his or her spouse’s.

For about the cost of a good book you can have all the facts to make a wise decision about filing for Social Security benefits. 

The first step is to gather your information from Social Security. In the past you received these in the mail, but now you must set up an account online to get your information. The same document is available online that you used to receive in the mail. 

The second part is to understand how Social Security works. For this we have created 4 different webinars based on your filing option. (Single, Married, Divorced, or Widowed) since each of these has specific strategies to optimize your benefits.  This class provides a basic overview of Social Security fundamentals, such as how it works as part of a complete retirement income plan, how to integrate a spouse’s income and how to manage cash flow to accommodate times before starting to receive benefits. 

Upon completion of the webinar all that is left is custom analysis of your benefits. We have 3 options for helping you get us the information. With your Social Security statement in hand you can complete our online form, print our PDF and fax it to us, or give us a call and we will gather the information on the phone. Within 3 days you will have a custom analysis with details of what, how and when to file to get the maximum benefit from your Social Security benefits.


Sample of webinar format


We do not sell any product and our goal is to give you all the information you will need to have a great conversation with your advisor. If you do not have an advisor we provide personal consultations at an hourly rate.

To get started here is a link to set up your Social Security Online Access account.

You can learn more about your Social Security statement at our help page, or download your personal statement now through www.ssa.gov/mystatement.


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