Unbiased Retirement Education

Retirement planning is about preparing for an easier, less stressful time in your life. Still, financial decisions and uncertainties leading up to retirement can cause a great deal of anxiety. Even with all of the professional services and products available to assist in the process, it’s hard to know who to trust and what’s in your best interest.

Whether you’re 21 or 60, learning the fundamentals of retirement planning will empower you to move forward and give you peace of mind that you’re taking the right steps.

The average American works an estimated 83,000 hours in his or her lifetime, yet spends less than 10 hours preparing for retirement.*  With so little preparation, it’s not surprising that many people aren’t able to retire as early as they would like or in the manner they expected. My Retirement Education Center aims to change that!

My Retirement Education Center hosts small group classes and intimate workshops for people close to retirement, those in the middle of their career reevaluating retirement planning as life’s twists and turns dictate, and young professionals making their first retirement planning decisions. Our faculty is also available to teach custom sessions for companies interested in offering employees educational assistance for retirement planning.

We invite you to learn more about our classes or contact us now to help determine which is right for you.

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*accordingly to a recent Harvard University study

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