What Will Your Retirement Be Like?

One of the most important steps of retirement planning is first identifying what you want your retirement to be like. Some people picture retirement looking out over the ocean, others traveling the world, others playing golf, and still others sitting on the porch with iced tea and a rocking chair watching grandchildren play in the yard. Everyone’s dream retirement is different, and it’s vital you know what you want to make of yours before you start planning.

As part of identifying what you want to make of retirement, keep in mind that you can only play so many rounds of golf a year or sit sea-side for so many hours on end. For many of us, retirement will not necessarily be work-free or full of endless relaxation as we so often dream about. Really think about having years upon years of time, and what you want to do. Having a purpose and a schedule and goals is as import in retirement as it is throughout our lives.

As your picture of retirement starts to become clear, now it’s time to think about financing those snapshots. And that’s where My Retirement Education Center classes come into play.

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